We’re baaaack

Well, we made it back in 8.5 hours after the whirlwind wedding weekend in St. Louis.  I just got back to my place and I’m exhausted.  It was a great weekend.  I’m so glad we went. 

In honor of Brad’s blog, Hey, Your Blinker’s On!, I kept track of several of the vanity plates we saw along the road.  I actually didn’t write them down, so I’m just going off my memory here, but there were some good ones.
[GOHWKIZ] a speedy Iowan sedan
[ALEXHWK] also in Iowa
[XSTCH] this one took awhile to figure out, but after noticing the drivers, two grey-haired ladies in their upper-70s, we realized it was cross-stitch.  Clever.
[BDDB-4417]  this wasn’t actually a vanity plate, but both my brother and I thought these two guys from Ontario were trying to subliminally spell out BOOB.  and we thought that was funny.

There were many, many more, but it’s late and I didn’t get much sleep this weekend, and you know what that means… bedtime!  I’m so excited to sleep in my own bed tonight. 


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