Long weekends

It feels like a Friday today.  Things around Bethel are pretty quiet, since it is the 2nd to last day of finals and everyone is either outside procrastinating, cooped up in their dorm rooms studying, or have already packed up and gone home.  I wish I could be outside, it looks pretty dang nice out.

I’m really crossing my fingers for a nice weather weekend.  I have some fun things planned, nothing too wild, but it would be really great if I could get outside and enjoy some of this awesome weather, and then still have time to get other stuff done around the house too.  I love long weekends.  I love sunshine.  I love spending time with my friends.  I can’t wait.

Does anyone have any fun Memorial Day weekend plans?


2 Responses to “Long weekends”

  1. Timmer Says:

    I sort of have plans. not sure what exactly i’ll be doing yet though……..wait!! on monday? Oh yeah, I’ll be driving to Stockholm. My Memorial Day 2008 will be a very memorible one :) booya!

  2. Brad Says:

    i’ll be cleaning the house. and ransacking tim’s room while he’s gone. sounds fun, doesn’t it?

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