Thank you, kind sir.

Wow.  Can I just say how shocked I am at the recent spike in the number of page views on The Jenna Daily in the last two days?  It’s a week for the recordbooks, really.  And it is all very exciting though, unfortunately for my pride, I think Smalley’s restaurant is the one getting all the glory here.  Oh well, they deserve it.  Regardless, all this attention to my blog makes me feel popular for the first time in my life, and who wouldn’t like that? 

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for visiting, I hope it was worth your while.  Feel free to check back again anytime.  But just to warn you, I have a feeling you won’t be getting any more restaurant reviews in the near future.  Just updates on my funny life. 

In other news, the sun just came out and I almost wet my pants.  Two unrelated things, but both [maybe, maybe not] worth mentioning.  I love sunshine and I had a lot of Diet Pepsi at lunch.  And Diet Pepsi at that… don’t even get me started.  Woof. 

Happy Friday everyone!


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