Late to work

I just got to work about an hour ago.  I woke up this morning and I thought my back had broken in the middle of the night, I could barely (barley) stand up.  I took 4 ibuprofen and went back to bed for a couple hours.  It’s feeling a little better now, but it’s still sore.  Dang bad backs, they’re so annoying.

Lucky for me, since I didn’t walk into Bethel until about 11 a.m., I just caught CJ leaving for lunch.  It was pretty much perfect timing.  I felt a bit like a bumbling idiot because I obviously wasn’t expecting to see him, and felt like I couldn’t put my sentences together very well because I was so excited to see him.  Thankfully I’m feeling kind of cute today, regardless of my poor articulation and stupid old lady back pain.


One Response to “Late to work”

  1. Biff Says:

    I’m tim’s old boss and you’re right, poor articulation is cute. so are old ladies.

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