Busy day

I’ve had a really busy day, running from one thing to the next.  Nothing too exciting going on.  I did go to Olive Garden today for lunch though, and that was definitely a highlight.  Soup and salad for $5.99, what a steal!

I’m really hoping that the storms aren’t too bad tonight.  Thankfully I have an underground parking spot so I don’t need to worry about damage to my car, but then again, I do live on the third floor which doesn’t necessarily bode well for possible tornadoes.  Oh well, not much I can do about it. 

Tonight I’m looking forward to, once again, another relaxing night at home.  I’m thinking I’ll work out, eat some dinner, read for a bit, and then go to bed early.  I’m excited tomorrow is Friday!


One Response to “Busy day”

  1. Timmer Says:

    Can i get a “Booya! for fridays?!

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