Things don’t happen the same way twice

I went to see Prince Caspian last night.  I really loved it.  I finished reading the book last week, so I couldn’t wait any longer to go see the movie.  So, I just decided to go.  Yep, by myself.  The first time ever (well, in MN) to see a movie by myself, it was quite exhilarating really.  The only other time I went to a movie alone was right after A Beautiful Mind won Best Picture however many years ago that was, and I was down in Arizona, it was a cloudy day, and the theater was packed with about a million old people who do nothing else besides go see movies during the day I think, so yeah, I knew no one. 

Anyways, I felt so independent, it was great.  And the movie was phenomenal.  On top of the story being played out pretty well (with a few minor differences from the book) and Aslan being awesome, I now have the hugest crush on the actor that played Prince Caspian.  (Be still my heart!)


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