It’s potty time

Ok, so for those of you that know me, this will come as no surprise.  I drink a lot of liquids throughout the day and I have a small bladder, therefore I have to use the restroom quite often.  It’s a dangerous combination.  Anyways, I run into the same woman in the bathroom almost everytime I’m in there.  Like 3 out of every 5 times.  And she’s just kind of a funny woman.  She almost always hums to herself (but out loud), or sings, or whistles, or makes some kind of kind of strange noise.  The other day she was talking on her cell phone in some kind of asian language to her husband (I assumed).  Anyways, more recently she’s been doing a lot of grunting and heavy breathing, and I think maybe it’s because she’s pregnant.  Either way, I can’t decide which is more disturbing, the moans and heavy breathing or that I go to the bathroom just as often as (if not more than) a pregnant woman.  Hmm.

p.s. Happy birthday Mom, I love you!


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