Answering the call of duty

Ok, so, sometimes we’re all called to do something at work outside of our normal job description.  Usually it’s something pretty easy and entry-level or even, if we’re lucky, a little mundane, but then there are sometimes that, well, you wished you had called in sick that day.  And, today was one of those days for me.  (And not just because the weather is lovely and unexpectedly sunny and I wanted to work on my tan.) 

It is a pretty big day at Bethel today.  The BGC was holding a big business meeting in the Great Hall, and the main item on the agenda was to interview, hold a vote, and then elect Jay Barnes as the new president, then after that they were to be holding a luncheon honoring some other important Seminary people and then Jay was going to give a message.  Long story short, lots of important stuff.   It just so happens that our main photographer was going to be out sick today (and didn’t tell anyone he was going to be gone), so about fifteen minutes before this big election event was about to start, my boss and I were called to the line of duty.  I may have pooped my pants.  Ok, not really, but I was super nervous.  First of all, it took us five minutes to just find the cameras, let alone figure out how they worked and make sure there was enough battery power and memory left on the cards to get us through.  I mean, sure, I do have some experience in photography, so that helped, but it always takes a little bit of time to get used to new equipment, shooting in a new location, figuring out the lighting, etc.  Just a bit stressful, but I suppose it was better that we didn’t have too much extra time to worry about it.

Anyways, we did an ok job, the pictures actually turned out quite nice considering how unprepared and inexperienced either of us are, and it was actually kind of fun and exciting to be a part of the big day.  It made me realize that sometimes even in our fears, we need to step out in faith and just take care of the business at hand.  Even if we have to change our pants in the process. 


2 Responses to “Answering the call of duty”

  1. mom Says:

    Sounds like a busy day!! That’s cool that you got to be a part of ‘Bethel history’! Love you lots! mom

  2. Timmer Says:

    why have you started to have a “bathroom” theme?

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