Working it out

So, to let out some serious pent up frustration/stress/what-have-you yesterday, I went for a super vigorous walk after work, got super sweaty, then did some intense sit-ups and push-ups, and now today… I. AM. SORE.  Whoa.

A couple hours after my workout, after Bible study, I got in about an hour’s worth of a good cry too, like, I was crying so hard at one point I almost threw up.  I didn’t, but almost.  Well, I quickly had to turn off the waterworks because I got a phone call from CJ (finally), a phone call that probably couldn’t have come at a better time, it totally helped to talk to him.  I’m doing much better today.  Apparently, I just needed to let out some of my anxiety.  Hopefully there will be no gagging sob sessions tonight, but I might try to fit in another intense workout because, even though I’m sore, it feels kinda good.


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