I just realized that I haven’t had a good full Saturday (Saturday is my usual cleaning day) to commit to cleaning my condo in over a month.  Not saying that my place gets all that messy, I’m a pretty clean person in general, but it could stand a general wipe down.  Dusting, cleaning the tub, vacuuming, you know, the stuff that you kind of forget about until you pick your hands off the floor after doing pushups and you could create a full wig for a cancer patient with the amount of hair you pulled up from the carpet.  Maybe that’s gross. 

Anyways, I’m just saying that I could use a day (or two) to do some deep cleaning.  It’s just so hard to sacrifice a sunny summer weekend, you know?  I guess something’s gotta give.  Either that, or I suppose I could start cleaning on weeknights.  Lame!


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