Be Bold-er

Today Elaine and I woke up and decided to go explore the mountains, so we drove to Boulder, about an hour away.  Both of us are pretty good planners, we usually know where we’re going and what we’re going to do once we get there.  Well, today was the opposite of that.  We decided to drive to Boulder about five seconds before we actually got in the car, and we didn’t really figure out what we were going to do once we got there.

Once in Boulder, we drove around for about 20 minutes before finding a gas station to ask where the best place to hike around in the mountains was, then once we finally got to a destination, the path the gas station attendant had led us to was pretty lame.  I mean, there was a cool waterfall, but the hiking path was about 1000 ft long, total.  Anyways, we just continued driving up the mountain and ended up just finding some road near a stream to walk on.  It was still really pretty and we were in the mountains, so it was worth it. 

After coming back down the mountain, we ended up finding a patio restaurant along Pearl St. to eat lunch, and we probably only exhanged about 20 words between us over the course of the hour we were there.  There so many great people-watching opportunities, and we were both so tired. It was a fun day, and now we’re both getting ready for wedding #2 in Littleton. 

Oh, and I just remembered the most exciting part of the day.  At around 7 a.m., we were suddenly awakened by the fire alarms going off in the hotel. So, we filed out of the hotel like everyone else and sat in the parking lot (I was fuming, I was in the deepest sleep prior to the alarms going off), and minutes later, a hotel staff person came out and told us someone had buttered toast before putting it in the toaster and it started burning.  LAME.  So anyways, that was funny and unfortunate, good times.


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