Story City

So, there’s a city in Iowa that named Story City, and on the way out to Colorado on Thursday, I attempted to tell Elaine that I should go there to learn how to tell better stories, but as I began to speak, my words became all jumbled and stuttery and it really just drove home the point that I should just learn how to speak English properly before I even begin to work on my storytelling abilities.  It was quite ironic to say the least.

Anyways, we passed Story City again today on our way back home and I of course repeated the joke for humor’s sake but didn’t stumble over my words this time (hallelujah!), so maybe I don’t need to take a weekend retreat to Story City after all, maybe this trip to Colorado cured me of telling bad stories my whole life.  Well, I’ll probably have a couple more stories to share from the trip, so we’ll just see how I do.

Oh p.s. I love Colorado.


3 Responses to “Story City”

  1. woody green Says:

    is colorado great? i heard about wonderful river there, how is it? nice to visit your blog!

  2. Timmer Says:

    Nope, still bad at telling stories. this one was niether informative or worth my time :) welcome home sucker!

  3. hj Says:

    i like your stories. especially if they involve surreys.

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