When I have so much to say but either not enough time to type it out or I’m just not in the flow of writing, I usually just sit here at my computer until something lame comes to mind.  I’ll try to keep a log of ideas for when this happens, as this is the case tonight.  Sorry I haven’t posted this weekend at all.  It was a good time.  Here’s a top 5 list of weekend highlights (in the order in which they occured, not in order in which I necessarily favor them):

5. Irish Fair and Flogging Molly show (I’ve never seen so many mohawks per capita, nor felt more “normal” in my whole life)
4. Lake Calhoun with Becks (not as many weirdos as last year)
3. Stockyard Days fireworks with Heath (and Sweeney’s afterwards, us and Mol, after finally recovering my phone from Long Lake park, PTL)
2. Skipping church to go to the MOA (I’m such a rebel)
1. Farewell party for Matt & Hannah (lots of fun people)

Oh, and one last thing, I think Finny’s fin that fell off awhile ago (can that even happen?) is growing back. I’m so pleased.


One Response to “Randomness”

  1. Jenni Says:

    hmmm…I definately showed up at the Irish Fair, but alas, it was closing for the night. I guess the Irish aren’t so much the night owls that us Swedes are…

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