I hear the train a-comin’

This morning I was rudely awakened at 3 a.m. to the sound of a train on the tracks right outside my building.  Granted, I am three stories up so it wasn’t directly outside my window, but still, it was dang loud.  And, oh no, it wasn’t just the sound of the wheels squealing on the track, it was the whistle, blowing louder than I’ve ever heard a train whistle in all of my life, as well as the train cars crashing against each other (or so I imagined that’s what was going on based on how loud it sounded), or some other type of intense hammering of sorts.  Oh my gosh, I was so mad.  Mainly because I think the conductor (or whoever’s in charge of the dang whistle) blew that thing extra loud, extra long, for more than the appropriate amount of times, just in spite of all the poor people in New Brighton who, for one of the first times all summer, were sleeping with their windows open.  Ugh. 

Guess who’ll be sleeping with her windows closed tonight?? 

Oh and the best part is, after I finally fell back asleep, I then overslept my alarm by three hours and was super late to work.  I’ll blame it on the train. 

(I was going to make a bad Milli Vanilli joke there, but I resisted.)


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