Random Things

Here are some random things that make me smile. 

  • The Shorts (I know, I just posted about them a couple days ago, but I can’t even tell you how they have improved my life over the last four days)
  • Grilled Cheese sandwiches (also recently referenced, but what can I say, they are awesome?!)
  • Reconnecting with old friends on facebook (and new friends too, I suppose)
  • Lunch on Tuesdays with the girls (Ha! Seriously!)
  • Friends episodes
  • Gum with the pop-out foil packaging (do you know what I mean?) (i.e., eclipse or orbitz white)
  • Going to bed early (or trying to)
  • Waiting in anticipation for CJ to call/email/text/anything

Ok, that last one was a lie, but whatev.  I’m patient.  I’m content.  I’m mostly sleepy still though.


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