Buzz of Excitement

Welcome Week is in full effect today, it’s all very exciting.  Here are some other exciting things going on:

a. I completely stumped the doctor yesterday with the ants situation.  He either thought it was stress or just a strange allergic reaction.  I’m now taking Benadryl at nights and I have to get some Claritin or something for during the day.
b. Last night I started making a grilled cheese sandwich but I realized I didn’t have any sliced cheese, so I just used string cheese.  It wasn’t good.
c. I also cleaned all of my countertops in my place last night and opened a new reed diffuser air freshener.  It’s quite lovely.
d. Because of Welcome Week, there is a table of free cookies right outside my office.  They are very deliciously tempting, but since they are for new students and parents, I have only had two (so far). :)
e. There is intense pressure to get the football media guides off to the printer by tomorrow and I’m freaking out a little about those.  Not really exciting now, but it will be quite the celebration when I can cross that off the to-do list.

There are many more exciting things going on, but my lunch break is now over and I must get back to those media guides.


One Response to “Buzz of Excitement”

  1. hj Says:

    you failed to mention the lions on rollerblades throwing candy at people driving in.

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