Finny vs. Buddy

While my brother’s gone for a couple weeks, I’m taking care of his cat, Buddy.  A little trial period, if you will, to see if I should get one of my own.  I’ve gone back and forth for about a year.

Anyways, I brought Buddy home last night, carried him up in his little carrying case, it was cute.  He spent the first hour under my bed, but then realized that I’m nice and came out to play.  The rest of the night and morning (before I went to work), he spent exploring every nook and cranny in my whole apartment.  Before I went to bed, I just watched him watch Finny (my goldfish) swim around in his bowl.  I got a little nervous going to bed and letting him roam free, with the chance that I could wake up and have Finny’s bowl be empty and Buddy have a little fish-shaped tummy… I would’ve just died. 

Since I didn’t really know what I could do to make sure that Buddy didn’t get into Finny’s tank, I, just for precaution’s sake (and my nerves), I placed my plastic strainer on top of his bowl.  It looks a little silly, but I don’t care.  He still gets air (not that fish need air, but you never know…), and Buddy can’t paw away at the poor guy all day.  And if he tries to knock the strainer over, well… then… luckily, Finny’s quick.  My fingers are crossed.


One Response to “Finny vs. Buddy”

  1. mom Says:

    You make me laugh my sweet daughter!!! :)

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