The more things change…

…The more things stay the same.
-Alphonse Karr

I thought of this quote today, because for the first time ever I kinda blew up at Tom (my boss).  It wasn’t really necessary, but neither was his comment, so I had to stand up for myself. 

So, maybe I shouldn’t have told him that “one day… I might just punch you!” but I couldn’t help it, I was mad.  But then in typical Jenna fashion, I just walked out of the office and let off some steam by walking across the hall and washing my hands in the bathroom.  I didn’t need to, but it did help calm me down.  Once I came back, everything was ok.

More and more I’m realizing how work has been the same for SO LONG, and that just plain BUGS me, and maybe I’m just ready for a change.  Not that yelling at my boss will make that happen (at least in a positive way), or that I even want a new job, but I think a new office (my own office) is all it would take.  Maybe I just need to start by praying for more patience. 

As thankful as I am for my job (really, I am), I get a little annoyed at how my job hasn’t changed in almost 9 years.  Really the only change (besides a staff parking sticker and benefits, both good things – don’t get me wrong), is the addition of about 25 hours a week of more work.  First of all, I sit at the exact same little “desk” (imagine a corner in which my monitor sits, but not much else, it’s not even large enough for an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper), which doesn’t help my insecurities of still feeling like a student worker.  I still share an office with my boss.  I still have just about the same job responsibilities now as I did when I was a student, and even though I’m a full-time designer, I still get all the lowest-on-the-totem-pole, here’s-a-new-job-for-you,-it’s-due-yesterday ($%&#@#!?!) type jobs (which I still appreciate, they’re just a little more stressful).  I still enter all the departmental billing and type out the job folder labels for the 700+ jobs that cycle through our office every year.  You get the point. 

Maybe I just needed to rant for a second. 

Thankfully, I still have God, and I can trust in his goodness.  Even if the goodness doesn’t come in the form of Broadway showtunes that I get to listen to EVERY DAY ($%&#@#!?!), I know it’s there.


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