Wonder [mad]Woman

I’m working like a madwoman today.  Well, maybe not a madwoman, but let’s just say I’m getting a lot done.  Crossing a lot off the to-do list.  Plus I got to see new crush #1 and then I saw some girl talking on her cell phone and taking a picture at what I’m guessing was her shoes.  The latter was more random and funny in a more obvious way, though seeing new crush #1 was pretty awkward and awesome (I got to touch his arm… *sigh*).

I also feel like a madwoman today because the ants are back and under fierce attack.  I gotta figure out what my problem is because if this lasts much longer I’m going to actually go crazy.  It’s already been almost two full months.  That’s ridiculous.

I feel hopeful though.  That’s gotta be good for something.


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