My classroom at the Seminary is always freezing.  The last couple weeks in class I have worn my scarf and coat all through the four-hour lecture.  Now I am the only girl in my class, so maybe it’s just me, maybe all the sweaty men do just fine, but I’m sorry, it’s ridiculously cold in that room. 

Today after I left class and went to work, my office was so cold that I just kept my scarf and coat on all dang day.  I finally just took off my coat like a half hour ago (the scarf is staying on, thank you very much), but now it’s already time to go.  Time to put my coat back on!  I don’t know why either a. I’m so cold all the time, or b. why can’t places just regulate the indoor temperature better? 

Well, at least class was good.  (That, and I’m wearing a new scarf, so I’ve gotten more than ample time to show it off.) :)  And, in better perspective, at least I’m not sitting outside without shelter or without a scarf or without anything.  Think positively.


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