Good Morning II

As some of you already know, I have a long history of not being able to get out of bed in the morning.  (See Good Morning for a reminder of one of my previous solutions. It only worked for about a week and then I just wanted to punch myself in the face.)  

Well, as of this morning, I think I may have (at least temporarily) found a solution.  Part of my problem is that it is so dark in the morning that there is “no way could it be time to wake up, it feels like the middle of the night still?!” so I just keep hitting snooze until the sun rises and then I am two hours late to work.  Not cool.  (That doesn’t happen every day, that is just an extreme case, but unfortunately, it did happen last week.  Twice.)  So, over the weekend I visited my local small-town-feel hardware store (because I like those way better than Home Depot) and purchased two light timers.  Last night I plugged two of my lamps into them and set them to go off/turn on around 6:30 a.m.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, it’s hard to know exactly what time they’re set at with just the little notches to go by, but I thought it was at least worth a shot.  And since there is a second setting available on the timers, I set those for 11 p.m., so I could read with two lights on before bed, and then they would turn off at my appropriate bedtime, and I also wouldn’t have to worry about falling asleep with the lights on.  (Bonus!)

Anyway, it was a success!  My regular alarms (yes, I already use two alarms, you read that correctly) went off at 6:20 giving me a few minutes to snooze, and then a couple minutes later the two lamps clicked on, both within about 10 seconds of each other.  I was quite amazed.  The lamp right by my bed went on and kind of gave me a heart attack at first, but I WAS AWAKE!  I will have to adjust the time a little tonight before I go to bed, since the lamps didn’t actually turn on until about 6:50, but still, better than nothing.  I made it!

So, besides the rainy, gloomy day, it’s another good morning!


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