Table for One

For almost a year I’ve had a gift certificate for Our Bar & Grille, a restaurant that recently opened within a stone’s throw (or zipline??) from my place, hanging on my fridge, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be used.  I really wanted to go there before it expired (on Oct. 18), but I hadn’t had a chance to use it yet.  Last night as I got home from work, I glanced on my fridge and realized that the only night I was able to use that dang gift certificate before it expired was last night.  Being that my only plans for the evening were to study for my Apologetics exam, and considering I hadn’t been grocery shopping in a few weeks, food of some sort would have to be acquired for dinner, I decided to combine the two and take a walk down the sidewalk to OB&G and make use of my gift certificate.

Considering also that I have no friends (ok, no friends within a close proximity that could be called upon on such short notice), and that I had studying to do, I brought my books with me and decided to brave it, asking for a table for one.  It was kind of like the time I went to a movie by myself, a little scary at first, but overall quite exhilarating.  Plus I got $10 off the cost of my meal, so it was basically the best night ever.  Well, maybe it would’ve been the best night ever if there was another person at the table (preferably a tall, attractive, funny single male who loves Jesus) to talk to or help me study or at least just to look at, but no.  Maybe another time.  Fingers crossed!


One Response to “Table for One”

  1. Jenni Says:

    I love being your pseudo blog friend (er uh, reader/stalker) – you are just great jenna…

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