Apple a day

I went to the doctor today and I’d have to say it was the best, most efficient and encouraging doctor’s appointment I’ve ever been to.  I was in and out in, well, two hours, so not the quickest dr. appt ever, but I had lots to talk about, plus I techically had two doctors visits and only had to pay one copay.  All very exciting.  (For me at least, since I am -$100 this month so far.  Awesome.)  I even got a tetanus shot update and the flu shot.  Now I’m back at work and my arms are sore (from my shots).  Bummer.

This weekend is the senior high fall retreat, the kids are already on their way up to camp, but since I have a real job and couldn’t get the afternoon off, I will be meeting everyone up there tonight.  Woo hoo!


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