The ‘go ahead’ wave

What I think is funny is when you’re stopped at a stop sign, unsure of whose turn it is, and you wave a person to go ahead of you and then they look mad and shake their head and mumble something to themselves like you caused them this major disturbance or something, when really you were just being courteous and letting them go first.

That happened to me today.  As the disgruntled driver passed by me, I just smiled.


3 Responses to “The ‘go ahead’ wave”

  1. hj Says:

    how about: 4-way stop. 2 people to your left. and you. the first person on your left goes. and then you start to go and … oh… funny…the next person to your left just goes speedily in front of you as if it’s totally his turn. four-way stop buddy. the pattern is not it’s

  2. Timmer Says:

    good one hj. you’re so courtious!

    bloms, you probably got ‘the look’ because you were there first & should have gone. however, you weren’t in a hurry & thought you’d be nice (remember how we were friends again for a weekend? that was nice.) but what you didn’t realize is that the dude at the other stop sign had his shorts in a bunch because he is a typical working crabby pants & as he was driving up to the stop sign he was planning his next move so he could get to where he NEEDED (probably didn’t NEED to be, do any of us actually NEED anything?) to be as hurried as humanly possible. when you ‘hesitated’, to be curtious, he saw that & asked ‘who is this freaking moron who doesn’t know how a 4 way stop works?, grrr, I’m ANGRY GUY!”
    next time, just wait to be courtious in a line such as at Target or the DC (you know how “the D! C! i supposed to sound. it’s hard to put that sound in words), people then have the option to accept or decline & then if they see that you are truly nice, & not just a moron who doesn’t know how a line works, they will either accept or decline and which ever they chose they will probably stop to think, “why am i in such a hurry?”


  3. Brad Says:

    tim makes me laugh. so does hj.

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