I love vacation, Pt. 1

My parents and I (sans my brother for reasons that I will/might explain later) are currently on vacation in Disney World.  We have come here for our family vacation every year for the last nine years or so.  It has become a tradition and we love it.  It is now Monday, and we have been here for 3 days.  My parents have already gone down to the pool for the afternoon to soak up the rays.  I slept in (again).  I just finished a tasty beignet (sp?) from the Port Orleans resort (they became a breakfast tradition the year we stayed there), and it was good, but a little too sugary.  What the heck, it’s vacation. 

Anyway, it’s been a little more chilly than usual, but in the sun it is still very relaxing and warm.  I think this afternoon we are going to go to the Magic Kingdom (they’re open for extra magic hours tonight, until 11 p.m.!) for our favorite rides and, of course, FIREWORKS.

Ok, I’ve gotta get down to the pool now.  I love vacation.


One Response to “I love vacation, Pt. 1”

  1. hj Says:

    missin’ you! don’t worry though–i’ve been keepin’ tom company for you…workin’ on investor. soak up some rays for me.

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