I love vacation, Part 3

It’s now Thursday and we’re getting ready to leave for dinner.  I didn’t post yesterday because I was too busy relaxing.  I know, sounds rough, huh.  Yesterday we sat by the pool as usual, but then in the afternoon we headed out for an afternoon/evening of theme parks.  First we went to Animal Kingdom and went on Expedition Everest three times.  It is great, there have barely been any lines for anything.  When we went to Magic Kingdom on Monday, we walked right to the front of just about every ride.  That is an extremely rare occurence at WDW.  Anyway, after Animal Kingdom (that’s right, all we did was go on Everest), we went to Epcot for the evening and stayed through the best fireworks ever, Illuminations.  This was the first year in about seven years that I haven’t cried (or at least teared up) during the show.  It’s a miracle.

I got a little too much sun today, but it was once again so relaxing.  I don’t think we could’ve relaxed any more than we were.  That’s what vacation is all about.  Ahhh… Now off to dinner we go.


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