I am so giggly today.  I don’t know why, but I’m laughing at just about everything today.  (Not like that’s anything new, but it’s even more than usual today.)  I think I am just so excited about Christmas.  I’ve been hit with a wave of Christmas spirit.  I put up a ton of my Christmas decorations yesterday, including my tree.  My place looks so festive.  I love it.  I am planning on putting on all my ornaments tonight.  I would really love to buy a couple gifts too, just because I love wrapping them and having them sit under the tree. 

Also, I listened to “Dominic the Christmas Donkey” last night, because after all the donkeys and goats in the road in Antigua I had that song stuck in my head all week, so I had to listen to it.  Chingity Ching, hee haw, HEE HAW!  If you haven’t heard it, please either download it now (or just preview it, I suppose) or cross your fingers that it’s next on the KOOL108 playlist.  If it doesn’t immediately make you smile, you need to go to the doctor.  Something might be seriously wrong. :)


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