Red and Green

Today is our office Christmas party.  Usually we do something fun and Christmasy, and we always get calendars.  The last two years I’ve received The Office calendar and I love it.  Our VP does a really good job at getting calendars according to each of our interests (i.e. dogs, gardens, cartoon characters), so I am crossing my fingers for another year of The Office.  We have yet to find out what the activity of the day is, but we have some bets going as to what it might be.  Feel free to chime in by voting on my poll I just created.  Fun!

The best part of today is that one of my coworkers just sent an email that said, “I hope everyone is wearing their best holiday sweater! I hear there will be photos!!”  Well, I had already just noted that just about everyone is wearing either red or green today.  I don’t know if it was a subconscious decision, knowing that today was our Christmas party, but still, I think it’s hilarious.  Hopefully there will be photos.  I will most definitely share them.


One Response to “Red and Green”

  1. mom Says:

    Well….did you take an office photo??
    Love you!!!!!!!! mom

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