Better late than never

Since I have still been Miss Sicky this week, I slept in this morning and therefore I am working late to make up for some of my time gone.  Woo hoo.  My dinner tonight will consist of a diet coke of which I found in the work room fridge (score!) and some cashews and maybe some caramel corn (gifts that were given to us by our printers).  Maybe I’ll even have a Dove chocolate for dessert.  YUM.  Gotta love free food.  (well, except for the chocolate, I actually did buy those.)  At least I can listen to Christmas music and enjoy a nice quiet evening at the office without any interruptions. 

Tonight after I get home, like last night, I will fix myself up another cocktail and hit the hay.  Instead of alcohol though, I have created quite the concoction of medications.  1 Mucinex (for the mucus), 2 Tylenols (for back wound pain), 1 Zantac (for the chronic heartburn), and 2 Benadryls (to help me sleep).  Talk about a wild and crazy night!!

Good times ahead!


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