Cotton balls

I am feeling a little bit better, but I still can’t hear out of my right ear very well and now my left ear is becoming plugged as well.  Seriously, it feels like I’ve stuffed my ears with cotton.  Every once in awhile I check them, just to make sure I didn’t forget to take out the cotton balls after my shower or something.  But no.  I wonder why that happens.

Now that finals are over at Bethel, it is back to being a ghost town, and it totally feels like a Friday today.  No one is here, and I don’t feel like working (though I have a ton to do).  A dangerous combination.  I’m looking forward to this weekend though, lots of fun and festive Christmasy things going on.  And tonight I get to go to Smalley’s for my grandma’s 75th birthday celebration… I can’t wait!  Yum!


2 Responses to “Cotton balls”

  1. Brad Says:

    what’s the deal with cotton balls and the shower? do you shower with cotton balls in your ears? why? is that normal?

  2. boljen Says:

    i put cotton balls in my ears after i shower. you know, to soak up the water. i don’t know if it’s normal or not, but i don’t really care.

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