presentsThere are so many reasons to praise the Lord (PTL) today.  First of all, it is a beautiful, sunny, wintery day, the kind where the sun hits the snow just right so that it sparkles.  I love that.  Secondly, two of my great friends got engaged on Saturday.  I am seriously so excited for them.  Thirdly, I finished my Christmas shopping AND got all the presents wrapped yesterday.  That feels good.  Also, I only have one more day to work and then I’m off until January 5.  Oh man, there are so many other praiseworthy things: um, let’s see… family comes in town and we get to spend fun quality time with them over the next several days, my brother comes home on Sunday (I cannot wait to see him!!!), my Bible study is getting together tonight for our annual ornament exchange, I got my oil changed yesterday, I get to sleep in for almost two whole weeks, my Christmas cards are being delivered today (fingers crossed) so you should all be getting them soon… oh my gosh, the list is endless.  I’m mostly excited for good family and friend times over the next couple weeks.  God is so good.


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