Keep the change, ya filthy animal!

JackpotOh my gosh.  I know I’ve already posted today, but I just had to report what just happened to me. 

After scrounging around my place for some spare change, I went down to the vending machine to get a Diet Coke.  I put in my two quarters, two dimes, and a nickel (I know, 75 cents for a CAN of pop, ridiculous), and nothing happened, like the machine didn’t accept my coins, it was weird.  I pulled the little coin return lever but, again, nothing happened.  I stuck my fingers in the slot where the change comes out, and it was COMPLETELY FULL OF MONEY.  Like, the door wouldn’t even open because it was so stuffed with coins.  For an second I thought I was on some candid camera prank show because the money just kept coming, it was so funny.  I pulled the lever again and even more change fell out, it was like I won the jackpot (in a really cheap slots game, but still).  Once I finally cleaned out the machine (and got my 75 cent can of DC, of course), I ended up with a profit of $7.30!  I laughed to myself the whole way back upstairs.  Isn’t that hilarious and awesome?!

A Christmas miracle, indeed!


One Response to “Keep the change, ya filthy animal!”

  1. Jenni Says:

    Nice work! Thanks for the laugh :)

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