Name that cat!

cat!Last night I didn’t have anything to do, so I drove to Petco to just look at the cats.  Just look.  I was not planning on taking one home with me, but this little guy was just too adorable to pass up.  I’ve wanted to get a kitten for a long time, and so I decided instead of just talking about getting a cat, I should just get one.  So, I did.  I’m so excited!  (He looks kind of sad in the picture, but he is really super cute.)

He came with the name Hans Solo, but considering I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, I’m probably not gonna keep that.  (Plus he’s only 7 1/2 months, so I’m sure he’s not too attached to it either.)  This is where you come in.  I’ve come up with a few names, but I can’t decide on one.  I would appreciate as many votes as possible, and if you have any other ideas, feel free to cast your opinions!  Thanks! 

p.s. I will deliberate over the results tonight and announce the winner in the morning!  So get your votes in before 11 p.m. CST, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009.  Fun!


5 Responses to “Name that cat!”

  1. Brad Says:

    sweet, now t and i will never be able to come over. :(

  2. boljen Says:

    or i will just clean extra well when i know you’re coming over! (and like you came over that much before anyways, let’s be honest.)

  3. hj Says:

    me neither.
    thanks a lot, jenna. :)

  4. Brad Says:

    well, we were going to start watching LOST again, remember?

  5. boljen Says:

    well, then i guess i will just have a really clean place all the time then, or someone else could host if it really becomes a problem. do you want me to apologize for someone else’s allergies or what?

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