Fabulous? Really?

Ok, so some of you may have noticed that Pepsi has rebranded, or at least redesigned a lot of their packaging.  There is a huge billboard on 35W, going north, right near downtown Minneapolis that bears the word “Fabulous” in all caps, with the new Pepsi logo in place of the O.  I actually hate it, I couldn’t disagree with that billboard more.  I mean, I don’t like Pepsi in general (at least in its Diet Coke alternative, woof), but their new logo is actually pretty lame.  Plus, their new bottling is really confusing.  It’s all very minimalist, and I don’t really mind the less-is-more design, but unless you really squint at the label, it’s hard to tell which variety of Pepsi you’re actually buying.  At least that’s what happened to me today when I went to buy a Diet Pepsi down in Market and instead I came up with a caffeine free Diet Pepsi instead.  I guess it’s my own fault, but it wasn’t very well distiguished from the regular Diet Pepsi.  And I really actually needed the caffeine today.  Oh well.


One Response to “Fabulous? Really?”

  1. hj Says:

    and i swear they copied obama’s round “change” logo…

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