Just about everyone’s status on Facebook this week has mentioned something about the cold spell that has hit Minnesota (either that or something funny about American Idol).  In St. Paul today, it’s currently -14°, with a wind chill of -33°.  Now that’s cold.  Obviously, it’s cold, I just don’t feel the need to complain about it on a social networking site, but I’m just sayin. 

On the other hand, my brother is in Huntington Beach, CA, where today it is supposed to reach 79°.  Doesn’t that just sound glorious?  Well, to me it does. 

It is days like today that I feel oh-so-thankful for a warm office (enhanced with a space heater under my desk), for a car that hasn’t died on me yet (knock on wood), for a heated garage at home, for a window at work to look out of to the sunshine and sparkly snow, and for a short commute.  Over lunch I’m going to go home, find a warm spot in the sun on my couch, snuggle with Milo, and hopefully take a quick power nap.  I can barely (barley) keep my eyes open.  I really do love the sunshine though.  It makes me so happy.


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