Jenna’s Randomness

I’ve had Jimmy John’s two days in a row.  I had it for dinner last night with Timmer and then again for lunch today.  And Timmer had it for lunch today too.  Isn’t that weird?  I think it is.

I also think it’s weird that it’s Friday.  It feels more like a Saturday and that I shouldn’t be here but for some reason I’m forced to work today.  Ishhh. 

Tonight we’re taking a quick trip to Roch for some Flamingo Bingo and all around good times with Becks, Brad, and Tara.  Tomorrow I will be sleeping as late as I humanly can (I am so SO tired), and then I’m going to Melissa and Aaron’s wedding in the afternoon/evening.  That will be fun.  It will also be funny because it will be a blend of Hope and Bethel people and I’m curious who will be there that I know.  I’m secretly (and now not-so-secretly) hoping that there will be a really attractive, tall, single, Christian man (with a good smile, of course) there that I can have a crush on.  Fingers crossed.


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