Ok, I just wanted to say that last night (in the plasma donation realm) I was a rockstar!  Everything I had read in preparation said that first-timer usually take up to two hours to complete their donation… I was done in under an hour!  So $40 later (I know, cha-ching!), I was quite pleased.  Now I can start paying off my negative balance at the bank.  Good times. 

Oh, also while I was donating last night, I added this new app for my iPhone… it’s called “Wooo Button”  and all it does is, once you press the screen, a voice shouts out “Woooooooo!”  I actually added a ton of new apps, but that was one of the better ones. 

Now that I am going to become a regular plasma donor, I will be done writing about it for awhile, unless something totally awesome happens when I’m there.  Typically it’s usually just cold and everyone is reading or talking on their phones.  Yesterday this one kinda creepy guy right next to me was on the phone, talking about some gory movie he had just seen, saying something about a guy getting his hand sawed off… it made me want to vom (in an already semi-queasy situation).  Anyway, I’m very excited for the extra income.


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