PTLIF (the new TGIF)

A few things of note on this lovely sunny Friday:

Since it is so sunny and beautiful today (even with the snow… ugh), I wore my sunglasses today, meaning I forgot to wear (and/or bring) my glasses, so I am blindly working. Thankfully I get to leave for lunch soon, so hopefully I can swing by home quick. I’m starting to get a squint headache. The best part is that I keep reaching to my face to adjust my glasses (as if they were there but just off a bit)… Awesome.

I dyed my hair last night and my boss (who usually doesn’t notice changes to my hair, even when drastically different) actually noticed right away today.  After Arizona, I feel like the sun really tinted it yellow, and I didn’t really like that.  I’ve had this box in my cupboard for awhile, but since it was snowing last night and I had nothing better to do (plus, I didn’t like the yellow hair look), I just went for it.  I really like it dark.

I really like the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

I missed Lost on Wednesday because I went to the Bethel b-ball game, but I watched it online last night and oh. my. gosh.  I couldn’t even believe it.  It’s so good/crazy this season. 

It’s Friday and, better yet, it’s PAYDAY!!!!!! PTL!!!!!


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