Back in business

Sorry gang, I was out of the office yesterday.  Semi-sick, semi-just wanted to take a day off.  I’m back in business today though, and it’s been quite the busy day. 

I overslept this morning, causing me to miss my plasma appointment, but I did make it on time to work (PTL).  Right away I had a meeting until 9:30, then another meeting until 10:30, then another meeting until 11:27 (when I suddenly realized I had a Dr appointment in Edina in 18 minutes!!!!).  After the Dr’s appointment (to which I was only 12 minutes late, after going about 80 mph down 35W… PTL no cops were around), I swung by my parents’ house for lunch, then got back to work to finally sit down at my desk for the first time all day.  Whew!

And I had something really good to blog about today, but now I completely forget what it was.  Bummer.


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