It’s Wednesday.  Today I got to work late, so I’m working late tonight.  I was having a dream that I woke up and went to work, but really, I was sleeping through my alarm.  That’s always fun.

Today I got to take an unofficial tour through the new building and I love it.  It is so awesome.

Today I worked on a really fun project.  I love working on fun projects.  I don’t get to do them all that often.  I basically got to re-create an ipod nano onto a small card for the senior class gift drive that will be passed out at an event on Sunday night… hopefully it will be a success.  I will be the photographer at this event, so hopefully I can get some good shots of everyone loving my cards.  HA.

Today is sunny.  I really like that.

Today/tonight is LOST.  I’m so excited.

I would really like to exercise today too, I feel like a cow.  Moooooo.

Today I need to finish the media guide covers.  I cannot make them late, nor do I want to pull another all-nighter… especially on behalf of the media guides.  Lame.

Today I will be renting a redbox movie (free movie Wednesday!)… any suggestions?  Last time I was there, there wasn’t anything good to rent.  Well, at least when it’s free it makes a bad movie just a little bit better.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend!


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