Happy Monday?

After the last couple weeks of insanity at work, I really needed a weekend to recuperate.  I didn’t do a dang thing this weekend and I absolutely loved it.  Had dinner with mom and dad on Friday, then went home, did some laundry, then went to bed.  Saturday was a lovely sleep-in day, followed by much needed organization and cleaning all. day. long.  I found a bunch of frames (and bought a couple to add to it) so I decided to do a little montage on my bedroom wall.  I really like it.  Now I just have to figure out what pictures to put in all the frames.  Exciting!

I just accomplished a lot of stuff that I’ve been putting off (and putting off, and putting off…) for a long time, and it just feels so great to have some of those things done (or at least in progress).  It really felt like spring yesterday too, so I’m just pretty dang happy.  (Nevermind the fact that it’s supposed to snow the next couple days.  I’ll just be in denial.)  :)


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