Among the Greats

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a top ten list…

Here is the Top 10 great things about today/recent times:

  1. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I paid off my credit card!  I’m finally debt free and that is a grrrrreat feeling!
  2. It’s payday!  Double great!!
  3. I woke up with a super sore throat/awesome cough and stuffy head.  Not so great, but at least I’m alive. And that’s great. (trying to think positive.)
  4. I had some great dreams last night.  One involving me completely losing my mind/memory at the State Fair (super stressful), and one that involved Lauren and Audrina from The Hills.  Maybe that was the same dream.  Then another one was with my mom and I driving through the ghetto of Detroit (but it was more reminiscent of Tijuana, Mexico, or the driving conditions of Antigua)–in the rain, mind you–and that was also really stressful.  At the end of one of them though, some old wise woman spoke in the background (like a voiceover kinda), something about not always getting what I want because I’m not content with what I already have.  That was interesting/random/great.
  5. At plasma last night, one of the workers gave me his phone number.  That was great/funny.
  6. I clipped Milo’s nails last week.  Last night in the middle of the night, he pawed at my face and didn’t scratch me.  It was actually really cute/great. 
  7. I still love my great new bedroom and kitchen decor.
  8. I found some corduroy pants that I hadn’t worn in awhile and decided to wear them today.  They are super soft and that is great.
  9. A guy on match sent me a message last night, describing things he liked/disliked.  He likes exactly the OPPOSITE of everything I do.  Plus, he’s 39.  Great. (Sarcastic)  
  10. I’ve finally reached the end of this top ten list. GRRRRRREAT!

Happy Tuesday everyone.


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