It’s a Miracle!

Yesterday was a Monday miracle.  Why, you ask?  I made it to work on time.  I also got up on time, showered, dried and straightened my hair, and even ate breakfast before work. Whoa. Plus, Becks stayed over so that was fun to have a roomie for a night.  And also, I started writing this post yesterday but then something weird must’ve happened and I forgot to finish it, so it just got saved as a draft.  Weird.  Anyways…

Last night another miracle occured. In the middle of the night I woke up and I wanted to check my phone to see what time it was (more importantly, to find out how many more hours I could sleep!), but my phone was nowhere to be found.  I remember plugging it last night and setting my alarm and then putting it back on my nightstand as usual, so it should’ve been there.  It’s either right on my nightstand or directly on my mattress, so it’s usually no more than a foot away from my head.  Then my stomach dropped. 

I have to keep my cup of water on the floor (instead of on my nightstand, because otherwise Milo will knock it over), and I’ve always worried that one day Milo is going to knock my phone down onto the floor or worse, into my cup of water. Sure enough, where was my phone?  It was upside down, submerged about halfway in my cup of water.  I had no idea how long it had been that way.  I freaked out.  I quickly pulled it out of the water and frantically shook it, dried it off with my tshirt, pounded it against the carpet to get any excess water out, ripped off the protective cover (in case that was holding in any water), dried it off again with a handful of kleenexes, and then the moment of truth.  I was so nervous my phone was going to be dead.  Gone.  I pressed the home key to turn it on, and poof!  It worked!  It turned on!  (though I was not pleased to see that all of this was happening at 3:17 a.m.)  It was a miracle!  I let out the biggest sigh of relief ever, did one more swipe of my phone on my tshirt for good measure, then plugged it back in, and went back to bed.  Oh, but before that, after I realized my phone was thankfully not dead, I brought my cup of water into the kitchen and dumped it out.  Unfortunately for me, I took of sip of the water first and oh. my. gosh., it was the worst tasting water I have ever tasted.  I gagged.  It was like I liquified my phone and poured it into my usual cup of water and took a drink.  Woof.  I had to go brush my teeth again, I felt like I had just ingested a combination of metal and plastic and rubber and warm water. 

Oh well, at least my phone isn’t dead!  Hooray!  It’s a Tuesday miracle!


One Response to “It’s a Miracle!”

  1. Brad Says:

    you should put your phone in a bag of rice. that’ll get rid of any extra water that may or may not be in there. it totally works.

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