Cat Scratch Fever

Ok, I don’t really have that disease (at least that I know of), but I did get scratched in the middle of the night by Milo.  It was not pleasant.  I think after being king of the house for all of last week, either he was defending his territory, or it was just an accident.  Either way, I have a large scratch right under my lower lip.  It looks bad and feels even worse.  Every time I move my mouth I can feel it. 

Maybe it’s not that bad, but still.  It looks like I either misapplied my lip liner, or I had spaghetti for lunch and accidentally left a perfectly straight, thin line of sauce under my lip.  Shoo.

Anyways, it’s good to be back at work, though I wouldn’t mind still being in Utah.  It was so nice.


One Response to “Cat Scratch Fever”

  1. hj Says:

    i wouldn’t have noticed. baaaaab

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