Dead and gone

Remember that one time that Milo knocked my phone into my water, and then by a great miracle my phone still worked?  (Click here to refresh your memory.) Well it happened again last night, and unfortunately, there were no miracles. My phone is completely d-e-a-d.  I am not pleased.

I am going to go to the AT&T store at lunch today and find out if anything can be salvaged.  And if nothing else, I’m praying that my SIM card wasn’t destroyed, because I don’t want to be one of those annoying people on facebook that creates a group and asks for everyone’s numbers. Woof.

I’m trying to think positive, you know, it could be worse. It’s only a phone. It’s only a phone. It’s only a phone. But it’s also my way of communicating with everyone in my life, and it will somehow need to be replaced, and sooner than later, and phones these days (well, at least my phone) aren’t that cheap… I’m praying for a miracle.


One Response to “Dead and gone”

  1. hj Says:

    any luck?

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