Is it time to go yet?

It’s the Friday before the long weekend, and my boss comes back on Tuesday, so I’ve been getting lots done today.  I’m loving the sunshine today, but it seems to be getting hazy/cloudy and that is not good for the BBQ that I’m going to tonight.  Oh well, I’m still excited to hang out with friends.

I might leave early today, go home and change, and then make my way south for this BBQ. We’ll see.  There’s still plenty that I could do here, but I really would like to go home.  I just had a super good pineapple/coconut/orange smoothie from Royal Grounds, but I think I drank it too fast and now my tum-tum hurts. Yes, I did just say tum-tum. 

Also, I’m up to 51 contacts on my new phone… Getting there, yet nowhere near where I was before. Ugh. PIV. (Patience is a virtue)


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