Blah blah blah

During my ultra-productive day on Sunday, I got my hair trimmed, but ever since then I haven’t had enough time to actually dry and straighten my hair, so I didn’t really know what it looked like.  Well I finally did today, and I’m pleased.  I don’t know what it is about doing my hair that makes me feel so much better about myself, but it’s so true.  I just feel so BLAH when my hair is curly and undone.  Oh well.

It’s really nice outside, so I’m not going to stay late tonight (for the first time all week), and I have an open house to get to in Richfield anyways, so I should get going.

The other day I was reading some of my blog archives and it was really interesting to read about what was going on in my life exactly a year ago.  So many fun CJ hangouts, George Washington wigs, etc.  Good times.  I kinda miss CJ, or at least having a solid crush.  He was a good one.  If anyone knows anyone I could crush on, I am taking suggestions. :)


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