Brick house

After Hilary’s open house, I went home and upgraded my iPhone to 3.0.  All day I had been following tweets about how the MMS application isn’t going to be available until late summer (boo), which is the whole reason I was so excited for the upgrade.  But either way, the upgrade went fine and I’m glad that it didn’t brick my phone (which apparently happened to a lot of people yesterday, perhaps from all the downloading at the same time?)… I don’t even know what it means to have a bricked phone, I’m guessing that maybe it just locks up or crashes or something deeming it unusable?  Well, whatev, didn’t happen to me so that’s cool.

Also after the open house (before going home), I stopped at Target to pick up some cat food and other essentials/non-essentials.  One essential item on the list was a wrist brace.  Why, you ask?  Well for the last week my left wrist/hand hurts SO STINKING BAD I can barely move it.  I feel so lame, like a little old lady.  This may be graphic, but I can barely pull down my pants to go to the bathroom, I can only use one hand (which if you’ve ever tried, it’s pretty difficult).  So apparently I have carpal tunnel, and I’ve been experiencing symptoms of it for like at least a year, but I didn’t know it.  Awesome.  Hopefully the brace will help.  Fingers crossed.

Well, it’s now lunchtime and I’m off to Chipotle with some coworkers.  Yipeeeeeee.


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