I had to go take some photos of the Seminary apartment buildings for a brochure I’m working on, so I decided to take a walk over there after lunch today.  Ok, bad choice.  It is so hot and humid today, I almost died on the way back.  (ok, not really, but you know what I mean.)  When I got back to the office I was practically dripping with sweat.  This was two hours ago and I’m just finally cooling off.  Good times.

I’m really excited that it’s Friday.  I have an open house tonight, and camp 50th celebration tomorrow during the day, but other than that, the weekend’s open.  Oh, I’m sure we’re doing something on Sunday for Father’s Day too, but that’s still yet to be determined.  I’m excited to go home.  I’m so tired today.  And my wrist still really hurts.  Dang.


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