Houli’s hottie

Well last night was great. We didn’t end up going to see 17 Again, because it’s coming out on DVD in like a month, so why not go see something new and continue to wait [anxiously!], right?  So after HH at Houli’s in Maple Grove (and completely crushing over our waiter, who I think used to work at Tank & Tummy – the cute one that I blogged about awhile ago… well, whatev) we walked over to the AMC and saw The Proposal.  It was cute. Your basic chick flick, but still definitely entertaining.  I didn’t think I was attracted to Ryan Reynolds until last night… when I changed my mind. One of my good friends and I have like the EXACT same taste in guys, and she always thought RR was attractive and I didn’t, but now I’m pretty sure there isn’t one person in the entire world that she thinks is attractive and I don’t (or vice versa), it’s super hilarious.  HA.  Also, if anyone ever wants to make a trip to Houlihan’s, specifically the one in Maple Grove, I would be more than obliged.

In other news, I have my sleep study tomorrow night, and I’m very much looking forward to finding out what’s wrong with me, or at least my super weird sleep habits. I’m such a freak.  Yay!


2 Responses to “Houli’s hottie”

  1. b Says:

    last time t, t, and i went to houli’s in MG we had a super flaming waiter. hope it wasn’t the same guy. we also decided that they raised their prices too much so we decided we’d never go again. sorry bloms.

  2. boljen Says:

    No, different guy, but I totally know who you’re talking about. And I don’t usually go there unless it’s for happy hour (cheap) or if my parents are taking me out (free), so I’m not sure about the prices, but I’m sorry too. I guess I’ll have to find some new friends.

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